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Evoca1 at RummelHummel

Evoca1 at RummelHummel

Sometimes things just work out perfectly… well kind of.

Sometimes it takes us a year of planning and countless meetings to get a single wall done. Sometimes an artist flies to Vienna, meets us and the next day a guy walks in and says “I have a huge wall I need painted within a week, do you know anyone available?” We love these moments when things just seem to come together in a great way!

That said, it doesnt mean its all smooth sailing. Struggles to finance a lift, then finding a suitable one when everything is booked out. And then there is the unreliable Austrian weather. Evoca spend many hours on his wall watching paint just roll off the wall and the clouds poured down on him… Not everyone gets to enjoy that Florida weather Miami boy.

But in the end, it all worked out. The wall got finished. The RummelHummel got an amazing artwork to help kick off their opening. Vienna is one mural richer!

Thank you RummelHummel and of course Evoca1 (we’ll see you in Miami in a few months)

tumblr_mtmflx6E4j1sgbdyio3_1280 tumblr_mtkd2sZnUK1sgbdyio2_1280 tumblr_mthe28IvZE1sgbdyio1_1280 evoca1_rummel3 evoca1_rummel2 evoca1_rummel

pics (c) RummelHummel and Evoca1


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