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BEZT (Etam cru) beautifies Vienna

BEZT (Etam cru) beautifies Vienna

This fish hunter has brought color and life to the Brunnenmarket in the 16th district.

Not that the Brunnenmarket needed anymore color or life but this huge mural has created a nice focal point for the culturally diverse neighborhood. BEZT, a member of Etam Cru, took time off from his schedule touring around the world to come to Vienna to complete this marvelous piece. The Fish Huntress now looks over a market known by locals as one of the best spots to get fresh produce at affordable prices. Around the corner is a burgeoning art district, with small galleries trying to establish themselves in the city.

Special Thanks to the 1160 Gr√ľnen, who partially financed the project and Dr. Schultz for donating his wall and having complete confidence in the artist and not asking for a sketch!

bezt1_web bezt2_web bezt3_web


Big thanks to Farben Froh for the making of Video


  1. | Fish Huntress Says:

    […] fresh addition to the streets of Vienna was recently painted by Bezt of Etam Cru in partner with Inoperable Gallery at the¬†culturally diverse Brunnenmarket in the 16th district. Overlooking the market the piece is […]