Emil one & Luftfabrik for Linked Living

Earlier this year, we were contacted to organize artists to customize a few walls in the new "Linked Living" apartment complex. The artists were asked to create works that relate to the concept of the building and also stimulate the students and people living there. Working alongside the creative directors at Corestate, we selected local artists Emil One and Luftfabrik to create the pieces. We are pleased to share a selection of the process pics with you here.

Bezt & Natalia Rak in Providence

Walls curated by INOPERAbLE for the Avenue Concept, 2015.

After a great collaboration last year with EVOCA1, the Avenue Concept asked us to come back again to Providence, Rhode Island to curate the two biggest murals in the city! We happily agreed and brought two of our favorite artists, BEZT (Etam Cru) and Natalia Rak. The polish artists got to work right away completing these amazing works in a short amount of time. The walls were premiered at the first annual Providence International Arts Festival.


We would like to thank Curtis for his help, The Dean Hotel, BEZT, Natalia Rak, everyone at the Avenue Concept, and of course Yarrow for making it all possible!


The PERFEKT Boys stay fresh with alot of Neon!!

Earlier this year, the Austrian Milk company NÖM and Farmor agency approached us about painting a huge 520m2 mural. Of course, we were immediately on board and grabbed the Street Art “Boy band” along with us for the adventure.

The weather didn´t always play along like we had hoped, but in the end, the bright colors and summer vibes in the mural got us through the rain.

Big thanks to NÖM and Farmor



hosted by Evoca1 and curated by INOPERAbLE in Dominican Republic

ARTESANO mural project has kicked off in the Dominican Republic. The event, hosted by Evoca1 and curated by INOPERAbLE Gallery, is happening this year in Rio San Juan. Evoca1 is the third generation of his family to give back to his community, starting with his grandfather who won the lottery and invested his winnings in the community to build jobs and sustainability. A few decades later, Evoca1 is giving back by bringing a huge lineup of international artists to the sea side village. With these murals and workshops, ARTESANO hopes to  inspire the local youth to explore their creative talents.

Below is the official lineup of the mural festival, which was carefully comprised of artists who have become like family members to Evoca1 over the years. As well below is the inaugural wall painted by the Argentinian artist ELIAN (hidden in pic). Gully Art and Tost films will be updating the ARTESANO Facebook (link) and Instagram (link) all week with progress shots and the final murals.

Stay tuned for murals coming up from JAZ, EVER, 2Alas, Pixel Pancho, Faith47+Axel Void collabo, and many many more!!!!